Benefits of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

People having higher income are nowadays looking for an alternative opportunity of residence and dual citizenship. Caribbean passports have become very popular to serve this purpose. The reason is not only because of the beauty of nature or the pleasing climate. There are several other benefits of citizenship by investment in the Caribbean as you will get to see in this article.

Caribbean citizenship not only allows the benefits of visa-free travel but also provides the benefit of a tax system. The person holding a Caribbean passport can easily move to over 120 countries of the world. These countries include the UK, Schengen countries, US, and Canada long-term visas. Caribbean countries don’t impose taxes on income and assets.

It is very easy to get citizenship in the countries of the Caribbean. One of the best parts is that they don’t leak information of the applicants to any sort of third parties. The processing time is also swift and time-efficient. Around six months are required. Another important facility is that to obtain citizenship, there is no residence requirement.

To get Caribbean citizenship by investment, do you need to live there? 

residency in the caribbean

Usually, you need to establish residency and stay for a certain amount of time to become eligible for applying for citizenship of a country. This is actually not the case for citizenship by investment. 

Most of the Caribbean countries offer citizenship by investment in such a way that you won’t have to get there to get a passport. It is always a good idea if you’re going to get Caribbean citizenship by investment to go and at least visit the country once and see what is going on there by yourself. These countries are very amusing and beautiful. 

Visa-Free travel rapidly improving

Caribbean passports are rising day by day compared to other passports. Caribbean passports are allowing travelers to get the opportunity to visit many countries. One of the restricted countries is China from the perspective of Visas. Grenadian (a Caribbean citizenship by investment country) citizens can get visa-free access to China. Another country with a restricted visa system is Russia. Caribbean citizens also have visa-free travel opportunities in Russia. Some other continents to allow visa-free travel to Caribbean citizens are South America and Europe. 

Caribbean passports are considered reliable passports. Many counties are convinced that if a person has the ability to acquire Caribbean citizenship by investment, then they will definitely not try to move to their countries and overstay their visas. 

What Caribbean citizenship by investment countries exist?

Currently, there are five countries. The available Caribbean citizenship by investment countries are Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and Antigua and Barbuda. 

What is the best Caribbean citizenship by investment to acquire? 

Best caribbean citizenship by investment program solely depends on your personal target and requirement. In general, Dominica is the best. Because they offer the opportunity of low amount investment. Dominica offers low processing time of passport and also have a high global reputation.

Which passport is best for Visa-free travel in North America?

All of the 5 Caribbean citizenship by investment countries allow the opportunity of visa-free access to Central American counties, including Panama, Costa Rica, Belize. Also, visa-free entry to the islands of the Caribbean.

countries in the caribbean

Why should you consider Caribbean citizenship by investment? 

There are several important reasons to consider. First of all, you are getting a passport which is becoming increasingly stronger. Moreover, you are getting citizenship in such a country that is not trying to monitor your movement.

Amazing tax benefits, no need to stay there for the passport, easy and fast passport processing time, and visa-free travel opportunities are some other reasons to consider.

Caribbean citizenship by investment is one of the great and easiest ways to get a second passport. All you have to do is have your investment money ready, go through some paperwork application, and get your passport in a couple of months. 

St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by investment program CEO Les khan said they are having a drop in tourism because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The islands are now looking for new methods to get profit. So, they are currently considering discounted citizenship by investment program. This could be your greatest opportunity to get your second citizenship in the Caribbean countries with so many benefits and opportunities also at a discounted price. 

Dominica: Cheapest Caribbean citizenship by investment for an individual 

For a single applicant, Dominica offers the lowest amount to invest for citizenship. Any applicant can be qualified for a Dominica passport by choosing the cheapest option of donating $100,000 to a government fund. Dominica is one of the best countries in the world for citizenship by investment. 

According to the CBI index, Dominica citizenship by investment program ranked at the top place for four years in a row, which is a supreme achievement indeed. For all the citizenship for investment programs available in the world, CBI index is the most prestigious one. 

Antigua & Barbuda: Citizenship by investment with a best visa-free travel opportunity

If you are looking for Caribbean citizenship by investment with the greatest number of visa-free travel opportunities, then Antigua & Barbuda is perfect for you. They allow you visa-free travel permission to 140 countries worldwide without any limitations. These countries also include UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland, EU Schengen Zone. They will process your passport in just three to four months. They give you the best visa-free opportunity and freedom to explore the beauty of the world.  

Choose Caribbean citizenship by investment program that suits you best

There are many options to choose from when it comes to making the decision of which Caribbean citizenship you want to go for. Every Caribbean country has its own advantages. You have to choose considering your personal requirements, opportunities, family situation, and other factors related to yourself. 

At CBICaribbean, we analyze all the factors and advise you on the most suitable program for you. We can suggest to you the best citizenship program with the quickest passport processing, cost-effective investment opportunity, and best value for visa-free travel.  


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